Healing Retreats & Immersion Workshops

Dear Sister,

Thank you for taking the Time to visit this Beloved page of my Heart and Womb's deepest creations.  All of the Offerings that meet you below have been woven with deep Love, Grace and  pure, deep inner Listening.  All that awaits you seeking eyes exists with the Sacred Intention of Holding a Space for you to awaken to your Inner Healer, so that you may step into deeper alignment with your Soul purpose, so that you may nurture a loving and present Intimacy with Self, Spirit and Life and so that you may step into a greater sense of Freedom - emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually and financially.

I Trust that what speaks to your deepest Inner Knowing will call you forth, and that which feels out of alignment will leave you Be.

With Deep Reverence and Love,

Upcoming Retreats & Workshops