All orders from 15 January onwards are for the FEBRUARY Earth Maiden Herbal Box.  Last day to order for February's box is 7 February 2021.
Our Earth Maiden monthly herbal subscription box is a collection of intentional herbal, elemental and Earth medicines wild harvested, gathered and curated on our land in the Garden Route.  

Each month, we connect in with the Spirit of our box, and weave it all together with the help of the Elements and with the healing presence of Storytelling.  The intention of each box is support you in healing and nurturing your relationship with your Body, the body of the Earth Mama and the Medicines that reside within each.  

The contents of each box change by the Moons and are centred around a different theme.  Deliveries can include teas of the month and specific to each season and the current energetic climate, carefully selected herbs for homemade oil infusions, decadent bath salts and soaks, yoni steams, face masks and powders, facial steams, foot soaks, ixCacao elixirs, smoke medicines, altar items etc.  We invite you to surrender to receiving the abundance of Earth and Elemental Medicines our Earth Maiden box offers you.  Each box is held the healing guidance of a specific Animal's Medicine, which we connect with in the monthly creation ceremony for each box. 

Once you subscribe, you will be invited into the Earth Maiden Herbal Subscription private Facebook group, where a monthly video will be shared about the contents of each box.  Sharing rituals, practical 'how to' guides and the medicinal benefits of each herb etc.  Also a space of opportunity to share your creations and connect with likeminded Sister Souls. 

Please Note:
All of our packaging is 100% recyclable.  You will receive glass jars for teas of the month on your first subscription after which we will send you teas in brown paper bags for you to decant into your glass jars. 

3 Month Earth Maiden Herbal Subscription Box

  • Please note that we do not accept any returns or refunds on monthly subscriptions.  You are welcome to cancel your subscription at any time - at least 2 weeks before the beginning of each new month. 

  • Your Earth Maiden Herbal box will be delivered straight to your door or is available for pick up in George.