The Healing Science of Chanting

At the back of the neck lies our "wandering" nerve called the Vagus Nerve. It connects our gut and brain and reaches right down into the lowest part of the abdomen, running through the body's major organs on it's way.

When we chant we activate our Vagus Nerve. And when we chant Sanskrit Mantra (directly translated from the vibrational language of Sanskrit to mean mind-tool), we vibrationally connect with our body while activating one of our most powerful nerves!

If we consider that the vagus nerve connects the gut to the brain, and a clean gut makes for a clear mind (and vice versa), not only does stimulating the vagus nerve calm and offer restoration to the Nervous System, reduce our body's inflammation (our natural response to stress) and tone our inflammatory response to stress - it also clears the gut, ultimately clearing the mind and helps us to return to our natural state of relaxation - our birth right that we do not often welcome or explore as a natural and constant state of Being!

Vagus nerve stimulation has even been used as a therapy to help restore Consciousness in vegetative brains. It slows down the heart rate and lowers blood pressure, holding the power to reduce anxiety and depression .

Mantra - a powerful and sacred limb of yoga. Often overlooked and misunderstood. A beautiful way to bring you into the Present and clear your mind in preparation for Meditation - the sacred act of communing with your inner world and the Life that runs through you .

Your voice is your natural medicine. Have the courage to explore your innate healing powers and qualities. You are your own Healer ❤❤❤

Love always Malaika


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