And She Danced

I am five. I am topless and I am in the garden head-banging and swaying my hips to my all-time favourite pop-artist, Brittany Spears. The pure sensual and creative energy I feel, experience and innocently express is all that I need in this moment. I am full. Fully present. Wholly in my creative truth and human experience. I am fulfilled and I am uninhibited. My uncle cheers me on from the side. Laughing. He is loving it. Supporting me in my freedom, clapping and he begins to sway his hips. I connect even deeper as I realise that he is sharing in my joy and in my experience. I am loved and I am free. I am twenty-three now. And this five year old... she calls me to dance. She has been calling for a while but now she hollers so loud it is impossible to shut her down and keep her caged. She wants me to dance. She insists that I dance. She will not backdown until I begin to dance. And as I sway my hips out from hibernation and into the experience of love, I begin to feel alive. My heart she opens and my throat she sings; my connections - they deepen and my breath gives me wings. I am in love. With every inch of my heart. Inspired and in love and once again, connected to my being; connected to my body. This feeling can stay, I say. I am loved and I am free.

A young three-year-old Malaika, in all her topless glory.