Holistic Therapy with Denese Rorke

Denese Rorke  -  Holistic Therapist, Forget Me Not

Denese has been on her Spiritual Journey for a number of years, looking for answers to all the questions that she had about her life and purpose.  She has trained in various modalities and been initiated through a variety of formal and informal trainings, her most profound training was under Penni at Divine Space in Johannesburg. 

After running her practice in Johannesburg for many years, Denese and her husband decided to move down to the Garden Route.  She offers a selection of holistic, nurturing and deeply relaxing healing body experiences: from Antaneea Technique to Chakra Body Blessing, Access Bars and Body Processing.  You are welcomed and invited to step into her Sacred Space, Forget Me Not, at our sanctuary to be supported in arriving back home within your Body and Self. 

Therapy Options:

Antaneea Technique

The Ultimate Indulgence.
This loving and nurturing massage pampers the body and acknowledges the Soul as 13 oils are gently and lovingly applied to the back of the body.  Sacred Geometry and Sound Vibration is used to awaken the cells, bring light into the body and to integrate healing on all levels. 

Access Bars

There are 32 points on the head that relate to different emotions and beliefs.  We often get stuck in repetitive patterns that we have held onto throughout our existence that no longer serve us.  What if there was a really easy way to both clear these patterns and open your mind to new possibilities?

Having your Bars run helps to calm the mind and leaves you feeling as if you have had a mental massage.

Chakra Body Blessing

Your mind, body and spirit thrive if you nurture them.  Your body needs healthy food and exercise, your mind needs stimulation, and your spirit needs regular nurturing.  This Body Blessing is one hour of pure relaxation and pampering as your senses are awakened by the use of soft brushes, chakra oils and crystals.