The Moon and all Her Stars lay down to whisper to me
And as the Moon 
began Her song
the Stars appeared in me
and I remembered 
that they had been
all along

Group Yoga Classes

Choose between yin yoga, Kundalini or a holistic combination of vinyasa yoga flow, Akhanda yoga and feminine based yogic practices held together with the intention to welcome the body's natural state of relaxation back into your everyday experience of life.    

All of our classes focus deeply on restoring the parasympathetic state of the nervous system (a deep relaxation) and seek to empower you with tools to enhance your experience of self, another and life in all its totality.  A sacred space, created and held with a deep Love. 

All levels are so welcomed.
Please be in touch to join a class.

Each class is 1 hour in length 

               Drop in / once off                  R 120
               5 classes paid upfront           R 500   (R100 per class) - valid for 5 weeks


Studio Schedule - updated 1 February 2021

The Nomadic Oasis - 2021 Summer Schedule

If you require any additional info, please be in touch.

The yogic tools we explore are practiced in such a way that you are able to integrate them into your life even beyond the yoga class and experience.