I can't wait to meet you.  My name is Malaika.  I currently reside at the foothills of the Garden Route's majestic and grounding mountain peaks and am deeply passionate about sharing the sacred tools I have gathered and been gifted with on my journey thus far. 

In April of 2018, I ventured to the mystical and ancient lands of India, where I discovered and fell deeply in love with the power of movement - particularly in the form of yoga.  My journey within was one of a deeply personal nature and taught me the sacred art of space holding and what is means to respect another's space.  As well as how much our bodies remember, extending far beyond the capacities of our human mind.  Movement being a powerful tool to unearth and reintegrate what we have suppressed and rejected.  I grew my Love for this magical practice in the jungles of Costa Rica, where I unravelled into my own through feminine based yoga and prenatal yoga training.   

Each class I teach is done so with a deep intention of returning our nervous system into its natural state of relaxation, from whence we can thrive and bloom into the visions and dreams we hold for our Self and one another collectively.  A ceremony in motion - a time for grounding and deep reflection, held in a safe and sacred space.  

A time to honor the self in the present: acknowledging our feelings, our body and our perceived limits; as well as the limitless within us when we allow ourselves to shine; to show up and be seen.  

A sacred therapy for the body; a blessing to the mind; a gateway to the soul.  A daily practice of internal exploration for growth.

     "Be easy, take your time.       
       You are coming home
       to yourself" - Nayyirah Waheed

With gentleness, always,

85-hour Registered PreNatal Yoga Teacher (Womb Yoga) 
Womben Wellness
Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica, February 2019

00-hour Registered Yoga Teacher (Vinyasa & Ashtanga)
Rishikesh Vinyasa Yoga School
Rishikesh, India, April 2018