The Nomadic Oasis - Wellness Sanctuary

Nestled at the feet of the Outeniqua Mountains, The Nomadic Oasis Wellness Sanctuary rests just outside the small city of George, tucked away in the tranquility offered by the farmlands that surround.  Our Sanctuary overlooks roaming horses, and in the evening times, we are witness to the most magnificent sunsets and songs of the birds.  

A safe space and place to explore and restore your inner most Self, with the support of our loving facilitators and practitioners.  We are focused on cultivating balance through Mind, Body and Soul.  

Within the Oasis is a psychologist, a holistic therapist, yoga studio and community garden space.

For a more detailed list of all that is on offer, please press here. 

We invite you to drink from the Oasis.  

All that you are is so Welcomed here...

Meet our Facilitators


Anja is a Registered Counselling Psychologist (trained at UPE/NMMU) with over 25 years’ experience in the field of self-development and personal transformation. Her ideal clients are women (14-80’s) who want to view and USE life challenges (that manifest as anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties, grief, unforgiveness, lack of purpose, inability to flourish, or body issues) as a way (not an obstacle!) to connect with themselves compassionately, deeply and authentically. She holds strong and safe space, which allows her client to be heard and seen fully and supports the journey to greater clarity of mind and heart wisdom. Whether for short or long-term support, psychotherapy is a lifestyle choice – it requires a willingness, an ability and a commitment to invest in our greatest asset: ourselves.

For enquiries & bookings, contact Anja on 082 6700 525

Guided Women’s Wellness Gatherings are offered from time-to-time or upon request to address specific needs, e.g., relaxation, mother-daughter ceremony, heroine’s journey, wisdom circle, shadow work, wilderness retreats.
Available at The Nomadic Oasis Wellness Sanctuary.    


Malaika Boon  - Yoga Teacher, Red Tent, ixCacao Ceremonialist

Malaika is an Indian-trained yoga teacher, who specialised in Womb Yoga in the jungles of Costa Rica.  She is deeply passionate about supporting women to reunite with their bodies as a powerful source of guidance and Love, and holds a burning desire and space for speaking into topics that keep women from truly Loving their body and all that they are.  

She is an initiated Red Tent facilitator and ixCacao Ceremonialist.

After graduating from UCT, she travelled the world extensively, lived in a van and now calls the Garden Route home.  

Vanessa Dinkhoff  - Yoga Teacher, Himalayan Bowl Sound Healing, Reiki

Vanessa is a passionate Yin yoga teacher and healer. She has spent a lot of time on multiple trips to India for Yoga teacher and healing training. Her calling is to bring balance back into people’s lives through the practice of Yin Yoga, Sound healing and Reiki. In today's busy world of always rushing and doing, it is more important than ever for your well-being to take some time out of the day and to find stillness within and heal and nourish the body and mind.


Denese Rorke  - Holistic Therapist

Denese has been on her Spiritual Journey for a number of years, looking for answers to all the questions that she had about her life and purpose.  She has trained in various modalities and been initiated through a variety of formal and informal trainings, her most profound training was under Penni at Divine Space in Johannesburg. 

After running her practice in Johannesburg for many years, Denese and her husband decided to move down to the Garden Route.  She offers a selection of holistic, nurturing and deeply relaxing healing body experiences: from Antaneea Technique to Chakra Body Blessing, Access Bars and Body Processing.  You are welcomed and invited to step into her Sacred Space, Forget Me Not, at our sanctuary to be supported in arriving back home within your Body and Self.